Schedules, Miles, and Hours

On September 10, the youngest of our 4 daughters walked down the aisle as a bride.

During the week preceding the wedding festivities, we had out of town guests, took Sammie (the dog) to the vet for an unplanned visit due to an abdominal mass, Mark had a tight schedule for completing work and finalizing his ceremony notes (he officiated the wedding)…and I learned I was to organize the rehearsal, coordinate the wedding and emcee the reception for aformentioned wedding.

The wedding was in the north Denver area. We live 150 miles SW of Denver in the mountains. Because of our schedules following the wedding, we anticipate arriving back home on September 30. So I tried to pack in bags for each phase of the time.

At 6:00 a.m. the morning after the wedding I took Mark to the Denver airport to fly to Dallas for  business. After a trip to the Geek Squad (again) to try to figure out the laptop’s issue with Wi-Fi (again), I made a quick trip home (did I mention we live 150 miles away?) to do laundry, reorganize a couple bags and leave again Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday I did some consulting/observing for my old bosses near Colorado Springs. Wednesday night it was back to the Denver airport to retrieve Mark and head east knocking a few miles off the impending trip to Lincoln.

Reaching Lincoln, I figured I’d get caught up on some computer work. Wrong.

At first I thought the problem was poor Wi-Fi, but then I discovered it was laptop issues (again).

Not wanting to deal with trying to work from my phone, I held on to hope that it was local internet problems and not the laptop. Wrong.

So here I sit, alternating between using a small keypad on my phone and Google voice to at least get something posted this week.

Driving for hours and miles at a time provides lots of thinking time. And it provides a lot of great blog post starts. And staying alert while driving interrupts trains of thought…often. But if I can just remember what they are and get them finished it will be awesome!

You may be wondering why, with all those miles and hours, some of this isn’t written down as we go. It works like this.

I’m the designated driver. Mark’s the designated worker. I love to drive. He’s having a workation. It’s a great combination because he can get his work done and still be able to get away. And the best part is, we get to do it together!

So far we’ve been able to visit my dad, see friends, reminisce about previous road trips and drive through regions not previously explored.

Yesterday we visited Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Today the destination is Montana for a few days with the two oldest grandkids. I will drive. Mark will work on the way.

More miles and work next week. But with a few days in Montana in one place, maybe I can finish some of those blog post starts.

And next Monday there’s already an appointment set with the Geek Squad. Last time I threatened to throw the laptop through a window, but apparently they don’t have the same slogan as Discount Tire for when you’re not happy.

Time to head west…on the road again!

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