Separately Together

WARNING ALERT: This post drips with honesty and vulnerability. I’ve had my time of emotional upheaval and draining this morning. It’s actually been going on for 24 hours now. And I’m now in the wake of its hangover. I wish I could tell you this was new territory, but it’s not. Not by a long…

Schedules, Miles, and Hours

On September 10, the youngest of our 4 daughters walked down the aisle as a bride. During the week preceding the wedding festivities, we had out of town guests, took Sammie (the dog) to the vet for an unplanned visit due to an abdominal mass, Mark had a tight schedule for completing work and finalizing…

The Need To Be

At the core, no matter what our age or physical, social or economic position, every one of us needs something worthwhile to do, we need to be needed, to be valuable, to be important.

Going Deeper

More than just About (me), this is some of the backstory.

Necessity vs. Invention

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. I am a mother, I have 6 kids, and I don’t need any more. But there was necessity, and so, I birthed Invention. We live at the base of a hill at about 8900’ elevation, and the top of our hill is at 9250’….

What’s This?

I’ve discovered that even in the midst of manure, there is often a freshness. It was in the middle of cleaning the barn one day, manure rake in hand, that I realized how intensely therapeutic it all was (is) for me. And I knew that it wasn’t the first time I had come to that realization. In the brightness of the sun shining, with the birds flying in and out of their nest in the barn rafters, and Kody’s soft muzzle against the back of my arm (my “pocket pony” always wanting attention!), I knew I was cleaning out more than barn manure.